I used to be a huge coffee drinker. As a freshman in high school I drank black coffee daily. The first Facebook group I ever made was in 2006 and called “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drink Starbucks”. I was always seeking out the best locally roasted coffee. I was the biggest coffee snob I knew.

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In 2010 during my junior year of college, my sister gave me a yerba mate gourd and bombilla from Argentina as a Christmas gift. I had no idea what yerba mate was. But the idea of drinking from a gourd intrigued me. After some Googling, I bought some yerba mate online and figured out how to prepare it in a gourd. Soon enough, I was drinking it regularly.

By the time I graduated from college, I had completely stopped drinking coffee.  Instead, I was only drinking yerba mate out of a gourd. I had begun to hate the jitter and crash energy cycles that coffee put me through. With mate, I had plenty of energy and a clear head. Plus, I loved the strong taste. It was strong and warm like coffee, but less acidic. It didn’t hurt my stomach. I found myself able to focus much better. It helped me to be present.

I continued to drink yerba mate through graduate school.  In fact, I don’t think I would have made it through graduate school without my gourd of yerba mate. I was so busy during this time of my life. I did not have much spare time. I absolutely had to focus and be productive with my limited studying time.

In all these years of drinking mate, I have often been asked about my gourd and its contents by friends and strangers.  Many people have never tried the hot version of the beverage using a gourd and bombilla. And, many people have never tried it at all. I am continually surprised at how few people know about yerba mate.  I loved showing people the benefits of yerba mate.

 In 2017, I started All Day Mate to introduce yerba mate to more people. I want to teach you how to enjoy yerba mate. I want to show you how you can incorporate it into your life. I want to show you how yerba mate can help you focus, be present, be productive, and get more out of your day. All day.

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